High Concept Comedy - currently being shopped to A-List production companies.

Traded for Lies - Action / Thriller - Logline: A blacklisted journalist embarks on a perilous journey to rescue a trafficking victim, but must first overthrow a cunning slave trader.”

Traded for Lies is a character driven, female protagonist Action Thriller. Set on the planes of Zambia, this riveting story reflects the true life events of African women caught in trafficking where they are still slaves in the modern world.

Seeking justice for all women, journalist LEXI CAHILL finds herself in the midst of having to save her friend Anaya and herself. But using her brain and guts, she equals her captors in more ways than one.

Eye for an Eye: True Story - Logline: Blinded and disfigured by an acid attack from a crazed suitor, a Middle Eastern woman rejects her culture where women are worth half a man and fights for justice.

One evening in November 2004, a jilted suitor covertly followed a young woman from her work to the bus stop. As she turned to allow him to pass, he took revenge and doused her with a bucket of sulfuric acid, blinding and disfiguring her. This is the true story of that woman, Ameneh Bahrami who fought for justice in a country where women have little value.

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