Lexi Cahilll discovers her friend Anaya Kuiper is a victim of human trafficking. Realizing that writing Anaya's story could redeem her from her own reprehensible mistake, Lexi agrees to help Anaya return home.

But Zambia holds more danger and deception than Lexi could have expected. In the search for Anaya's family, Lexi must excape a slave trader hell bent on possessing her, determine which man to trust and rescue Anaya from yet another kidnapping. What would have been an exotic trip for Lexi's redemption turns into a nightmare she might not return from. The journey begins...

"FACES in the DARK"

One morning, Abby Winslow woke up at 5:30a.m., showered, had a light breakfast and walked out the door to find a dead collegue in her backyard. After the police remove his body, she finds a memory card containing a partial formula for an antitoxin. But to what?

It's a question Abby has to answer fast. The chilling fact is, the more she learns, the more she realizes that someone in her company is a killer. In the search for the truth, Abby must find the person responsible for altering her drug, finish the formula and prevent more deaths. What she thought was the Holy Grail for her career, becomes a deadly tool for its destruction.

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